Do you dread meal time in your household? Does your child want the same thing every night for dinner? Are they uninterested in trying new foods?  Are you worried they aren't receiving the nutrition they need? Is mealtime always a battle? NutriKidz can help!  

Children need to be eating a variety of foods to provide proper nutrition to support normal growth and development. NutriKidz will assess your child's current intake and patterns, and how foods are provided to them. NutriKidz will provide individualized, realistic, and kid-approved solutions to help your child overcome their picky eating.


Iron Deficiency: 

Has your child been diagnosed with Iron Deficiency or Anemia?  Do you need help understanding why your child has this and how you can treat or prevent it from happening again? 

Iron deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in childhood.  Iron deficiency can leave your child feeling tired, pale and weak. Iron is essential to your child's growth and development. Your child may have risk factors that pre-dispose them to iron deficiency and Nutrikidz can help identify those risk factors.  Nutrikidz provides you with the support and education you need to prevent iron deficiency and strategies to improve iron status in your child through nutritional interventions.  

Oral Food Aversion: 

Has it become a struggle for your child to breastfeed or bottle feed? Are you having a hard time introducing solids or transitioning from breast- or bottle-feeding? 

Oral aversions develop for a variety of reasons; it may occur due to reflux, unintentional force-feeding, pain or discomfort when eating, medical trauma, or for fear of choking. Oral aversions are complex and extremely stressful for parents, caregivers, and children. Mealtimes can become a struggle and dismal for everyone involved. 

NutriKidz can help assess and identify why your child is experiencing an oral aversion and provide realistic strategies and solutions to create a more enjoyable mealtime for you and your child.