Let NutriKidz answer your questions and concerns about infant nutrition so you can focus on all the special milestones they are making. 

Formula Feeding/Selection:

Are you concerned your baby is not tolerating their current formula? Is your breastmilk supply low? Does your baby wake up often for feeds? Do you feel your baby is colicky? 

Whether your baby exclusively breastfed, is on full formula or receiving supplemental formula and breastmilk, NutriKidz can help answer any questions or concerns you may be having. If you are looking at introducing a formula to supplement breastmilk or wean off breastmilk, NutriKidz can help you choose the right product for your baby.


Introducing Solids:

Are you struggling with feeding your baby? Are you worried they are taking too little or too much?  When should you transition to solids?  What solids should you be feeding first? 

Good nutrition is essential to your baby's growth and development. Nutrikidz will assess if your baby is gaining and growing appropriately, and help you determine when the optimal time for solid introduction is for your baby. 

When it came to solids, my son was slow to warm to textures and definitely wanted to feed himself... I think our Boston Terrier got more food at first! Andrea helped me developed a balanced meal plan with loads of variety and nutritional value. She also addressed my fears around chocking hazards, while offering useful tips that encourage him to be independent. After our first call with Andrea, he started really loving meal time... and so did I!

— Michelle K.

General Infant Nutrition:

NutriKidz will assess your child’s diet history to determine if your child is receiving optimal nutrition. Nutrikidz will provide individualized and realistic suggestions to support the growth and development of your child.  You will learn the W's of infant nutrition: what, when, why, where and who.  

NutriKidz was able to answer all of my questions about my infant daughter’s nutrition needs and provide me with helpful suggestions. As a parent you can become overwhelmed with information about how to best feed your child, but NutriKidz put me at ease. I would recommend their services to everyone!
— Samantha G.