nutrition consultation & communications

Working with a Registered Dietitian adds value and credibility to any brand or company. Whether you want to consult with Andrea for her expert opinion on your product, or work with her as a brand ambassador, the NutriKidz stamp of approval is valued by health-conscious consumers. Andrea works with companies and brands who share her values.

Nutrition Education

Are you looking for nutrition education for children, caregivers, or both? NutriKidz provides education seminars geared towards children and caregivers.  In these sessions, you will learn practical ways of implementing healthier eating habits, and gain a better understanding of navigating the grocery store.  With each nutrition session, individuals will learn through hands on exercises, receive take home materials, and have fun!

Healthy Cooking Classes

Do you want to promote healthy eating and cooking at home? Are you looking to educate kids, caregivers, or both? What better way to learn about healthy eating and cooking than by hands on experience? NutriKidz provides healthy cooking classes focusing on kid-friendly foods packed with the nutrition that parents, caregivers, and Canada’s Food Guide suggests. Best of all, you’ll have fun and try new and exciting foods!